Mold Remediation Services

Always There For You: 24-Hour Emergency Mold Solutions

Mold – it’s more than just an unsightly issue; it’s a health hazard. At Palouse Disaster Restoration, we understand the urgency and delicacy of mold remediation. Our 24-Hour Emergency Response Team is always on standby, ready to tackle your mold concerns with professional care and efficiency. 

Expertise in Handling Mold Challenges

Mold thrives in environments rich in moisture and organic materials like wood and paper. Ignored, it can cause not just damage to your property but also pose serious health risks, including respiratory issues and allergies. Mold can manifest in various colors and is often accompanied by a distinct musty odor. It’s a sneaky intruder, often hiding under floors or within crawl spaces, making early detection tricky. 

If you’re facing persistent moisture problems like leaky pipes or roofs, it’s crucial to be vigilant for mold growth. A professional assessment is key, as even a small mold presence can indicate a larger, hidden problem. Don’t let mold take over – reach out to Palouse Disaster Restoration for immediate and effective intervention. 

Comprehensive Mold Remediation Services

  • Emergency Mold Help: Ready to assist you any time. 
  • Moisture Control: Keeping areas dry to stop mold. 
  • Mold Vacuuming: Thoroughly cleaning up mold. 
  • Mold Prevention Treatment: Applying solutions to prevent mold. 
  • Mold Area Cleaning: Cleaning places where mold grows. 
  • Black Mold Removal: Safely getting rid of harmful mold. 
  • Repair and Rebuild: Fixing mold-damaged areas. 
  • Item Cleaning: Restoring items affected by mold.

Service Areas

Whitman County

  • Pullman
  • Palouse
  • Colfax
  • Tekoa
  • Colton
  • Uniontown
  • Oakesdale
  • Union Center
  • Almota
  • Johnson
  • Busby
  • Garfield

Latah County

  • Moscow
  • Bovill
  • Deary
  • Genesee
  • Juliaetta
  • Kendrick
  • Onaway
  • Potlatch
  • Troy
  • Cornwall
  • Howell
  • Deary